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Overseas Licence Conversion

If you’ve been driving around in Melbourne on your International Driver’s License for the last 3 months, you are now required to convert it to an Australian Driver’s License. At Budget Driving School, we can assist you in learning Victorian road rules, and also give you some professional driving practice. Call now for details.

Why Do I Need to Convert My License?

Road rules, road structures and road cultures differ from one country to another. So does the perception about road safety and individual driver responsibility. As a driver on Australian roads you have a tremendous responsibility towards the safety of not only yourself, your loved ones and your car, but also to pedestrians, other road users, the general public and their property. So, it is very important for you not only to know the right thing before you drive on the roads but also to do that every time you get behind the wheel!

Budget Driving School specialises in assisting you to learn and master all these differences. Our Driving Instructors have the cultural sensitivity and hands-on experience in working with people from different cultures and backgrounds and ages. Some people fear that their limited knowledge of English or accent is a barrier. It is not a problem when working with us! Call now for details.

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How Do I Convert My License?

The good news is that the whole process of getting your overseas license converted over to a Victorian driver’s license can usually be completed in one business day. First of all, you will need to book your learner permit and hazard test via the VicRoads Bookings website.

Next, you will need to need to know the local driving road rules, which is where Budget Driving School comes in. We can help you to acclimatise to Australian roads quickly with expert and intensive driving lessons in Melbourne. These lessons are designed to help all overseas licence holders to get up to speed with their road knowledge and driving skills. Furthermore, we can inform you what to do and what to avoid in a driving test. This will enable you to maximize your driving test score and pass your Australian Driving License test on your 1st attempt.

Don’t delay, contact us today and let’s get you on the open road again.

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